Summer is here, and short skirts and swimsuits are the most worn items of the season. There is always a way to make your look more fabulous, even if you are wearing a swimsuit. Here’s how you can spice up your swimsuits and make them look great.

Accessories can elevate any outfit. Make your swimwear eye-catching by adding a few accessories. Scarf, summer hat, or a necklace can easily make simple swimsuit look great. You can experiment with different types of jewelry as well. Think outside of the box. Try pairing your swimsuits with belts, headbands, or purses.

Elevate Your Swimwear with Footwear
Use your footwear to make your swimwear look better. If your swimwear has an intricate pattern, try matching it with slippers in the same color as the swimsuit’s accent color. Alternatively, if your swimsuit is simple, you can bring a fun element to it by introducing a pair of slippers or sandals with a bright pattern.

Add Layers
Swimwear makes us very stripped down and bare, however, you can style your swimsuit with some sheer clothing to add some dimension to your outfit. Try wearing an unbuttoned oversized shirt on top of a monochromatic swimsuit, or pair your favorite swimsuit top with a maxi skirt. Additional layers of clothing will help you to feel covered while advancing your swimsuit.

Make Your Skin Shine
You show a lot of skin when wearing a swimsuit, so why not make it look amazing. Hydrate your skin beforehand to help it look beautiful and healthy. Also, don’t forget to apply an SPF. Sunburns are never cute. To make your skin shine in the sun, you can use a shimmering lotion or apply some highlighter onto it. Exfoliating regularly will also prevent your skin from looking dry or dull. Your skin will always look healthy and plump.

Style Your Hair
Your hairstyle is a great way to look extra stylish in your swimsuits. Well-styled hair will make your overall appearance more flattering. Whether you decide to create beach waves or make an updo great hairstyle will make you feel like a goddess. You can also play into the tropical fantasy by adding a few flowers into your hair.