There are some trends out there that men just don’t like… but we don’t dress for men, right? We dress for ourselves! And if you feel confident and stylish in an outfit, who cares what a guy thinks of it. Plus, the right guy will love and support every style you go for. These are 6 trends that women love and men hate (but who really cares what they think).

Mom jeans
Mom jeans tend to be looser fitting compared to skinny or straight leg jeans. And because they’re looser, men tend to not like them. Too bad! Mom jeans and super comfortable and trendy.

Tomboy look
It’s probably because guys don’t want women dressing in any way that’s similar to them. Unfortunately for them, the tomboy look is one of the biggest trends right now and isn’t going anywhere.

Biker shorts
For some reason, men just hate the biker short trend. And while they’re not for everyone, biker shorts are comfortable, flattering, and go with pretty much everything. So even if your man hates them, I say you keep on wearing your biker shorts and graphic tees all summer long.

High waist shorts
I’m sorry to break it to all the guys out there that hate high waist shorts, but there is no chance you’ll ever see me out in public with low-rise shorts. Better get used to this trend!

Neon has been a trend for quite some time now, but men tend to dislike it, probably because of how bold and intimidating it is. Don’t let a man stop you from embracing your bold style!

Chunky sneakers
Honestly, not sure why men don’t like the chunky sneaker trend, but I think they’re super stylish and give you an added height, so you should absolutely keep wearing them!