There is no denying that there is a severe lack of diversity when it comes to fashion. A majority of models and fashion influencers are white, cis-gender females, and the fashion industry needs a change.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is about time to support and encourage Black-owned businesses across the nation. But going beyond purchasing from these Black-owned businesses is following Black fashion influencers on social media. We’re all in need of some diversity on our social media feeds, and these are 8 Black fashion influencers you should be following:

Aurora James
Aurora James is the designer and founder of Brother Vellies and uses her social media platforms to showcase her impeccable fashion sense and to speak out on important issues revolving around racism and feminism.

Sherri McMullen
Sherri is the founder and CEO of McMullen Boutiques, located in two stores in Oakland and Palo Alto, CA. Her social media accounts feature tons of content about designer pieces you’ll wish you had.

Sami Miró
If you’re looking to change up your style with more edgy and vintage pieces, you need to follow Sami Miró ASAP. She is the designer of Sami Miro Vintage, and her accounts are seriously cool.

Rajni Jacques
Rajni Jacques is the fashion director at Allure, so if you want to the inside scoop to what goes on behind the scenes, be sure to give her a follow. Her social media platforms mainly consist of content about her life within the fashion industry.

Gabrielle Gregg
A fashion blogger you absolutely should be following is Gabrielle Gregg. She posts tons of content about her eccentric clothing designs and thoughts on body positivity.

Tamu McPherson
Between her bold style and fresh architecture photos, Tamu McPherson deserves a follow. She is the editor and street style photographer of All the Pretty Birds.

Mecca James-Williams
This fashion blogger’s outfits are always on point, and her style is definitely one to inspire. Her Instagram is full of super cool outfit photos featuring bold outfit with color combos that she somehow makes work.

Chrissy Rutherford
Chrissy Rutherford is the former fashion editor and contributor to Harper’s Bazaar… need I say more? Her social media platforms include everything from fashion photos to her thoughts on antiracism and mental health.