If you ask me, Instagram is one of the best ways to get style inspiration. Sure, social media has its pros and cons. Still, a definite advantage is an unlimited access to other’s creativity, whether that’s with clothing, makeup, art, and so much more. If I’m ever feeling like I’m feeling down and lacking inspiration with style, I always go to my favorite influencer’s Instagrams to give me an idea. These are some of my favorite style influencers, and 8 Instagram looks we want to copy ASAP:

Matching skirt and T-shirt set
If you’re looking for some style inspiration, follow @themontanaexperience on Instagram ASAP. She is a serious style icon and actually sells a lot of her looks on her Depop. But one of my personal favorites is this matching skirt and T-shirt set. I’ve seen this style a lot recently, but the skirt and top sets are all super funky and trendy.

Chain shorts
Outgrew your favorite pair of denim shorts and can’t zip them up anymore? Don’t throw them out- just repurpose them with some fun chain details! @georgiagracefitz is another one of my favorite Instagram accounts because her style is simple. Still, she always looks cute and put together. And she somehow created this masterpiece with a pair of tight shorts and made it trendy.

Tennis skirts and collared shirts
Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without one of @emmachamberlain ‘s iconic outfits. Her style is truly like no other, and I always go to her Instagram when I need some inspiration. She paired a white tennis skirt with an oversized navy hoodie and a white-collar popping out of the neck, giving total school girl vibes.

Little bit of lingerie
Who said lingerie is just for bed?! A little bit of lingerie is really in style right now, whether with a slip nightgown dress or in @kkeeaattoonn ‘s case, a mesh bra paired with a monochrome suit set. Keaton Milburn is another great account for more monochrome, classy outfits.

Bucket hats and 90’s sunglasses
Two iconic pieces from the ’90s that are coming back in style: bucket hats and sunglasses. They are both super easy ways to accessorize a boring outfit and instantly make you look more stylish. @Devonleecarlson styled a fun floral bucket hat with a pair of rectangle tortoise sunglasses.

Baggy pants and a little shirt
The baggy pants and a little shirt trend has definitely taken over the Internet… and for a good reason! It’s such an easy way to look trendy, and they just go perfectly together. In this Instagram photo, influencer @suedebrooks wore a pair of baggy striped trousers with a chic white crop top and chunky sneakers.

Boots and shorts
Why wear boots in just the winter when you can style them with shorts in the summer? I’ve been seeing many people pair shorts with cool high knee-high boots, and I have to say, I’m totally for it. @jujhavens styled these fun snakeskin boots with a more monochrome outfit of off white shorts and a tan cropped turtleneck.

One of the biggest trends this summer is the sweatshorts. They’re comfortable, easy to style, and super cute. @emilycocklin wore these sweatshorts with a matching zip-up, a simple white crop top, and a pair of high top Jordan sneakers. Definitely a cool look.