Whether you like to visit your family and loved ones or prefer to spend your days off in an exotic destination, what you pack and how you pack it matters about as much as how you get there.

The thing about finding the perfect wallet is that it needs to look gorgeous while fitting your style. Most importantly, it needs to be able to hold all your travel essentials, including your money and passport. Here are 9 of the best and trendiest wallets on Amazon for the most stylish and practical travelers.

UTO checkbook wallet

It’s not only a beautiful design, but it’s also soft material, and snap closure functions great. It features lots of slots for cards and pockets that will work come in hand for holding money, change, and even your phone. It also comes in 20 different colors!

Travelambo clutch wallet

Probably the best Amazon purchase ever! We are continually looking for a wallet/wristlet that is stylish, cute, and large enough to hold everything without being too large. This is perfect! You’ll have a place for everything. You can even separate your reward cards and gift cards from your bank cards. It also has a designated spot for change, bills, and receipts. And can we talk about the 43 beautiful different shades this comes in?

PGXT women’s wallet

It’s tough to find a wallet that looks exactly how you want it and functions in the ways you need. This wallet looks fantastic, and you can hold all your travel belongings in one place (like a phone, passport, plane ticket). You will finally have room for all your cards and gift cards and even a place to put your checkbook if you have those handy.

Krosslon travel wallet

This wallet is exactly what we look for in a travel wallet. It has room for a passport, ID, boarding tickets, phone, and all those miscellaneous expense receipts! Despite being a travel clutch, this wallet doesn’t look big or bulky at all. We’re in love with the lavender purple shade!

Fossil Logan women’s wallet

When traveling in style, Fossil never disappoints, from their amazing watches to the luggage and wallets. This one looks super stylish and classy with a variety of amazing details and patterns to pick from.

Harlemoon HOLOGRAPHIC wallet

In love with holo accessories and items? This brand offers three different wallet sizes to match your daily or travel needs.

Michael Kors jet set wallet

This wallet is super classy, can hold lots of cards and documents and even your phone. If you already have a Michael Kors bag, then we highly suggest getting this wallet to match!

Leather business wallet

While it’s a bit bulky, it can hold a lot of material for a lengthier trip. It’s perfect if you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends.

Jessica Simpson’s leather wallet

It’s relatively small but super stylish and cute. If you travel infrequently, it’s just enough for you to survive a vacation or a new destination in style.