Somehow, it’s already the end of August. I don’t know about you, but this summer just flew by. I swear just yesterday it was May and the weather was just starting to get warm. But just like that, the summer is basically over, and it’s time to welcome Fall in. Although I love the summer and everything it brings, I love Fall fashion. Sweaters, light jackets, boots- it’s all amazing. And one of the best part about Fall fashion is the colors. While we tend to think of orange and yellow for the Fall this season, a few different colors will be in style:

Pink is going to make a statement this upcoming Fall, and what’s not to love? All different shades of pink are expected to be in style, from rose to peach.

Deep blue
Blue is typically more of winter color, but this year it’s coming around early! Navy and royal blue are such beautiful colors, and you can expect to see a lot of them this Autumn.

Who said gray was dull? All shades of gray are popular this Fall, and it even looks cool to mix different shades within the same outfit. You’ll be seeing a lot of sleet and asphalt gray in stores.

This color might look daunting at first, but when it’s styled right, it adds a refreshing pop of color to a neutral outfit. Expect to see lots of clothing in this green-yellow shade this Fall.

This warm brown shade never really goes out of style for the Fall, but brown is especially in style this year. Plus, the color goes with everything.

We’re trading in pastel green for deep olive this Fall. Olive is a classic Autumn color and looks fantastic on all fabrics, like silk, suede, and even leather.

Red wine
This deep red color is perfect for a crisp Autumn day. The color is so flattering and makes every outfit look a bit more sophisticated.

Black is always in style, but it was seen a lot on this year’s runway shows. When in doubt, black on black is still a good option. And you can add accessories for a pop of color.