During the holiday party season, you’re bound to get several invitations to attend holiday parties. If you want to be the belle at every holiday party, check out these holiday dresses and tips that are sure to make you the most beautiful of them all.

Have at least one statement piece: Dramatically alter basic looks with at least one statement piece. Think bomber jacket, exotic boots, or a bold print maxi skirt. You’ll look festive and feel good while picking up a few compliments along the way.


The Little Things Do Count: When shopping for a signature outfit, don’t forget the little details that make your outfit really pop. Whether it’s a handbag, jewelry or a scarf, these little items can effortlessly make a big statement.

Ruffles: Make an elegant statement with ruffles. No, ruffles aren’t just for little girls. Women can pull off a very classy look too with ruffles.

Classic Slip Dress: Slip dresses can often remind you of one of those 90’s suspense movies, but there’s a reason all the big stars wore them. They just work. Make a statement at your holiday fiesta with a stylish lace dress.

Bon Ton Figure Dress: You’ll look like a Barbie for sure in a bon ton figure dress with fancy butterfly sleeves.

Preserve Your Patent Leather: Some things in our wardrobe are known to have a short shelf life such as patent leather shoes. But, there is a way to spruce them up so they’ll look like new when you go out. Simply take your patent leather heels or boots, and run some Vaseline with a dry, soft cloth on the fabric and rub it in until it absorbs. This will leave a nice shiny finish and your shoes will almost look like new.

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