Beauty isn’t conformed to one look, one shape, one size, or one race; therefore, our social feeds should be expansive and diverse to reflect this. In light of recent events, we want to do all we can to raise the voices of black women, as the industry simply wouldn’t be the same. Here are some influential and amazing black beauty creators that we love turning to for makeup inspiration.

Known as afro glory on Instagram, Shahira regularly shares gorgeous makeup looks in which she experiments with bold and beautiful pigments, dramatic winged liner, and ultra-glossy lips. We love how varied her beauty looks are as she switches between natural hair and skin to full smoky eyes and false lashes, both of which are equally stunning. If you’re looking for ways to play with color in your makeup routine, this gal is your go-to for inspo!

Ellesse Char
Offering a combination of powerful mental health posts, body-positive images, and gorgeous makeup looks, Ellesse Char’s Insta feed is a must-follow for uplifting content. Her iconic beauty looks are often focal to a bold or neon eyeliner, and her flawless complexion, with or without makeup, has us in awe. She’s also regularly speaking up on important topics such as depression, gender equality, and racial injustice, which are issues we should be consistently addressing and discussing – especially across social media.

Ohemaa Bonsu
Multi-talented and incredibly beautiful, Ohemma Bonsu is a huge black beauty icon on Instagram, and it’s not difficult to see why. Her stunning makeup tutorials are a massive hit with her followers as she showcases a range of different looks from glittery, ultra-glam to bold and beautiful. If you need help creating complex makeup looks using bright colors, Ohemas’s profile is the place to go.