Ready to step your boot game up this year? Now’s the time to invest in a new pair of boots. It’s not fall yet, but it will be soon making this the perfect time to get a pair so you can wear them all the way through winter. There a many kinds of boots to choose from. From the old school cowboy boots and combat boots, to the new school lace ups, here are a list of boots that’ll be big this season.

Let’s start with the cowboy boot, shall we? Cowboy boots can be the perfect transition shoe because you can still wear it with a midi dress while it’s warm. But when cooler days hit, you’ll be able to rock them with denim and achieve an entirely different look.

Animal print boots are another great selection for the season. You can go with leopard, snake, or even zebra for an out-of-box statement. Then there’s the Victorian lace-ups. This boot shape does a wonderful job of elongating the legs and is a fun way to mix and match modern pieces with old school flare.

Remember the 80s booties? They are making a comeback! These shoes have a super thin heel and stops right at the ankle. Go with colors like black, white or cherry red. Pair them with either a skirt or skinny jeans for a trendy look.

Last, but not least – combat boots. These boots can add edge to almost any piece from jeans to shorts.

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