“Should I wear the choker, the beads or the pendant?” Questions like these have left many of women fussing over an outfit for hours trying to find the perfect touch. It’s no secret that simple details can make all the difference in an outfit and necklaces happen to be one of those simple details.

The guide below shows you how to pair the perfect necklace with the perfect neckline, so you can slice your prep time in half (fingers crossed). Check them out!

Turtlenecks look hot with both a long chain or pendant. Wearing a long chain helps to elongate the neck.

Crew neck
Crew neck shirt lines are paired best with a bib or collar. The curvature helps to enhance the shape of rounder necklaces.

Scoop necklines
Either short or long necklaces go well with scoop necklines. It may be ideal to go with pendants with volume.

Strapless or tube top
A simple choker makes a large statement with strapless tops.

Square necklines
Square necklines can seem tricky to match at first. But, if you pair it with an angular pendant necklace, not only will it make the necklace stand out, but it will also enhance the jawline.

Off shoulder
Shirts that come off the shoulder look well with asymmetric necklaces.

Do you love wearing your beads? They go perfect with sweetheart necklines.

Button-up shirt
Match a button-up shirt with a statement necklace that can peak out from under the collar as if it is a part of the shirt.

Collar short
Short collar tops pair well with chokers.

No need for a bulky statement. V- neck shirts look great with slim pendants.

Halter neck
The halter neck look great with slim pendants, in particular triangle shaped.

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