Creating a space that you enjoy is a lot more important than you think. With more of us working from home, it’s a key factor for your mental health and well being. And just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great place to call home. A quick trip to the dollar store can actually provide you with some exceptional items to use to decorate. If you’re up for a little craft time, these items can really look amazing. Check out these items the next time you’re at your local store.

Mason Jar Organizers: These jars can be used for so many things. One
brilliant utilization is to make them into holders for utensils, pens, or other items you find lying around. The hardest part of this will be putting a hole in the lid, which can be done with a nail and hammer. Once that’s done, simply add a label, and you have your holders. If you want to paint them, toss in some paint and swirl it around until the whole inside is coated. You may need to repeat this step and remember to give it time to dry. Mason jars can be used as planters or soap dispensers as well.

Fun Shaped Bowls: The dollar store always has randomly shaped bowls that seem weird to use for eating. But you can use them to hold your keys or even as a jewelry bowl. Add some cute details with paint or even spray them gold. Buy an assortment of them to keep a theme going in your room.

Metallic Animals: An easy way to create a high-end looking statue is to purchase a toy animal and make it shine. You can either use spray paint or paint in gold or silver to coat the figure. Let it dry, and now you have some chic decor.

Cake Trays: Use a cake tray for more than its intended purpose. Elevate a bunch of candles or even use them as a place for your dish soap. It works great as an organizer for almost anything.

Mirrors: Instead of investing in one large mirror, you can create your own from the dollar store. Purchase several of the same square or circular mirror and then hang them next to each other to build a larger piece. Not only is it stylish but functional.

Picture Frames: You can find some great deals on frames here. If you’re looking to upgrade them or have them match your decor, a coat of paint will help you achieve your desired look. Additionally, they can be used as serving trays or bulletin boards. For the latter, simply replace the glass with cork or padded fabric. If you’re up for some serious crafting, you can even use them to make a phone charging station or a terrarium.