It’s the season of cold weather and warm clothes. Boots are quickly becoming a staple piece in most of our outfits. However, boots can sometimes be hard to incorporate well into the outfit. To learn some tips on how to properly style the boots you own, keep on reading.

White Boots
White boots can be hard to pull off, but they can look very fashion-forward when styled right. Try pairing white boots with items of contrasting colors. Choose navy or black clothing to make the focus on the boots. If your garment has white stitching it will tie in the outfit even better. You can always go with an easy approach and wear white boots with denim.

Avoid wearing white boots with garments that look heavy and have a winter silhouette. Also, avoid wearing white boots with warm-colored pieces, as they look better with neutral colored boots.

Black Ankle Boots
When shopping for ankle boots, make sure you look for the ones that aren’t too wide around your ankles, as this can cause your legs to look shorter. Look for the boots that hug your legs tightly and don’t have a lot of hardware. Over the top hardware can limit you to a certain color or style of clothing.

Black ankle boots look good with everything. You can wear them with both jeans or to dress down more formal dresses.

Neutral Boots
Brown, tan, and camel boots fall into this category. This type of boot is perfect for spring or fall. Pairing boots with white clothes will give you a stylish outfit. Neutral-toned boots will provide a pop of color to your white outfit. A great way to start is to pair the boots with a white shirt and a light wash of jeans. Knitted white dresses will look great with this kind of boots.

Lace-up ankle boots
Wearing lace-up boots with something more feminine will make your outfit more exciting and edgy. Make sure your lace-up boots aren’t too high above your ankles as that can shorten your legs.

The knee-high boots
Knee-high boots look great paired with skinny jeans. This combination will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. These boots also pair well with a skirt. You just want to make sure you are showing some skin between the hem of your skirt and the ends of your boots. You can add some dimension to your outfit by mixing the materials. Wear a tweed dress or skirt with leather boots to achieve this effect.