Puffed sleeves are the next big trend; we’ve seen them in our favorite fashion magazines, in runway shows, and celebrity streetwear. This new style evokes a romantic, French milkmaid vibe that makes us want to run down a grassy hillside and weave daisies into our braids. Or maybe we’ll just wear our puffed sleeve look for our next date night. Whichever setting you choose to rock this fashion trend, there are a few easy ways you can make sure you look like a dreamy Givenchy model and not like an extra in a Pilgrim biopic.
1. Play up the femininity of your outfit: The puffed sleeves look works best when the rest of your outfit matches the theme these sleeves portray—that’s romantic, feminine, and vintage. Go for light fabrics, pastel colors, or floral patterns, and plan the rest of your outfit to help heighten the romantic appearance that puffed sleeves give off.
2. Let your contrast come from tailoring: While you want to stay on theme with the romantic airs that puffed sleeves provide you, add enough contrast to keep your outfit balanced between the slightly eccentric look of puffed sleeves and a sleeker, modern appearance. Too far into puffed sleeve territory and you’ll look like a theater actor on their lunch break; use a sharper tailored bottom or minimalist style to create a contrast between vintage romantic vibes and a more modern style.
3. Pair your make-up with your style: When rocking a puffed sleeve look, you’ll want to keep your make-up more towards the minimal side to let the puffed sleeves do the talking for your appearance. Too much make-up along with puffed sleeves might border on the circus instead of the runway. Heighten the romantic-look of puffed sleeves by opting for a subtle make-up look like lots of highlighter, glossy lids, and a nude lip. You can also play up the French countryside vibes characteristic of this fashion trend by pulling an Anna Karina and going sans make-up except for a strong cat-eye.
However you rock the new puffed sleeve fashion trend, be sure to infuse your own style into the outfit to give it the most critical aspect of any outfit—individuality.