Dressing for tricky fall weather cries out for layering. Chilly mornings heat up to hot afternoons that make you think the calendar has turned back to July. Temperatures plummet again in late afternoon until the after-dark hours are bone-chilling. What’s a girl to do if she wants an adaptable all-day look that’s fashionable and flattering?

Don’t be afraid to plan a wardrobe that relies on layers. You can shed the extras during the changeable fall day so that you’re always comfortable and never sweating nor shivering.


Following a few simple rules means you never have to worry that layered garments are piling on the illusion of extra body weight. Length and proportion are key to pulling off a great layered look that makes the most of your curves.

Try these simple rules for a great layered look.

Steps to a Fashionable Layered Outfit

  1. A basic, lightweight top should be the first step. Think thinner fabrics for most of your layers to keep bulk to a minimum. Neutrals, solids and stripes make a good foundation you can build on.
  2. Keep your silhouette slim with more fitted under-layers. Try a body suit. Streamline the look by tucking in your shirt.
  3. Add seasonal mileage to your favorite sheath dress by trying it over your foundation layer. You’ll get four seasons out of that summer staple.
  4. Make the next layer a thinner sweater or feather-weight cardigan. Now is the stage to add depth and drama with color. Go for a bold pullover.
  5. Adding a belt will help define your waist. It’s a great accessory if you are weight-conscious. And can help you create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.
  6. Mix in a variety of textures and materials when styling a layered look. Staying with the same kind of fabric can add the appearance of unwanted weight, and you end up just looking stodgy.
  7. Then add a jacket or coat. Leave the more substantial pieces, like faux furs, for the top layer to avoid adding bulk. A basic color such as navy, camel, olive green or black will lend polish to your finishing layer.
  8. Accessorize with a scarf. Top off with watches, rings, bracelets.
  9. If you wear tights in the morning, keep in mind that you may want to lose the warmth as the day heats up. Stash a pair of low socks in your bag so you can lose the tights if you start to overheat.