It has become evident that we are in a global crisis when it comes to trash and recyclables. We see efforts to combat the crisis with products like paper straws and cardboard takeaway boxes. We also see combative policies, like a plastic bag ban, for example.

More recently, the efforts have stretched to clothing retailers, with programs that inspire you to recycle your old clothing in exchange for store credit.

The push for the effort came when it was discovered just how much of the world’s trash is comprised of clothing. New York State alone sends upwards of 200 million pounds of clothing, including bags, shoes, and accessories, to the landfills each year.

Literally, tons of clothing is burnt, too, which is extremely bad for our health and the environment!

Luckily, there are easily accessible fashion retailers that will gladly recycle your clothes for you and give you a discount or store credit in return.


In 2013, H&M began a global initiative to help shoppers recycle their unwanted clothing. The store will accept any brand of clothing in any condition.

Clothing that is fit to be re-worn will be donated or sold as second-hand goods, and clothing that is unfit for another go will be recycled or reused into materials like rags and car insulation!

The best part? H&M hands you a $5 gift card to come back and use toward a purchase of $25 or more.

The North Face

The North Face has a program called Clothes the Loop, which helps you recycle old shoes and clothing, of any brand, in any condition. Bring your bag of previously loved items to any retail store or outlet location and receive a $10 gift card to use on your next purchase of $100 or more.

The North Face works in partnership with non-profit organization Soles4Souls. Their mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing.


Levi’s has partnered with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green initiative to help turn your old pairs of jeans into building insulation for community-oriented projects.

Yes, recycle your old jeans with Levi’s, and you’ve become a part of a new school, hospital, or library!

When you recycle with Levi’s, you will receive a coupon for 20 percent off any one full-priced item.

Eileen Fisher

With the Eileen Fishers RENEW program, shoppers are encouraged to bring unwanted Eileen Fisher clothing to any location. RENEW turns your old clothes into new Eileen Fisher pieces.

Eileen Fisher offers a $5 gift card per item brought in to RENEW.


MADEWELL jeans, just like Levi’s, partners with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green initiative.

When you bring in an old pair of denim jeans – from any retailer – you get to the comfort of knowing that your old jeans won’t end up in a landfill and $20 toward your next pair of MADEWELL jeans!

Now, more than ever, we must implement mindful and sustainable practices in our everyday lives. Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, Bring your unwanted clothes to one of the above retailers! You’ll feel great, and the planet will too.