Not too many outfit combinations can match the sneaker and jean combo. Depending on how you wear them, the look can be comfy, stylish, sporty or casual. All of the before mentioned would work for various occasions. But, it can become admittedly difficult sometimes because there are so many jean shades and cuts. And, the option for sneakers are endless.

For instance, say you’re wearing skinny dark jeans. A pair of high-top Converse All Stars will hug the ankle, so you’re able to tuck the hem of your jeans nicely. This gives a great straight look. However, if you were to switch the shoe up and wear it with a bulkier Nike sneaker, the foot will look bulky. If you were to rock a pair of wide-leg crops or a trouser style, wear a sneaker with weight for balance.


In case you’re stuck in a rut with your routine and need a little inspiration, here are 3 sneaker and combo ideas for the summer.

Slim Straight-Leg Jeans with White Leather Low Tops: White low tops go with pretty much anything, especially a straight leg jean (works for light wash, stone wash, dark jean and black jean).

Wide-leg Jeans with Chunky Sneakers: Grab a pair of wide jeans from the closet – in particular a pair of distressed or ripped and pair it with chunky white sneakers for a fashionable look.

Frayed-Hem Skinny Jeans with Mesh Sneakers: If you have a tailored dress, you can complete the look with skinny jeans underneath with a workout sneaker.

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