If you’re a blonde with a brunette bestie, or a brunette with a blonde bestie, then you want to check out these cute and clever BBF-Blonde Best Friend-Brunette Best Friend-BFF-Black Crew neck sweatshirts.

Offered through Etsy, this sweatshirt is a fun and cool way to show your close knit bond by rep’n your hair colors. So instead of BFF meaning “best friend forever”, it means “best blonde friend” or “best brunette friend”. Of course, your bestie doesn’t have to have the opposite hair color as you to make this work. If both of you are brunettes, then both of your sweaters can totally say the same thing.

Wondering if it’s good quality?

Absolutely! This handmade fleece crew neck sweater feels really good to the body while giving a feminine fit.

And because you can purchase them as a set, the two of you can wear them together at a game, at a park, at the mall or anywhere you want.   This isn’t a shirt that she’ll easily spot someone else wearing. It’s super unique too.

What if she’s originally a brunette and dyed her hair blonde? Or, vice versa? That’s totally your call. You can make fun with it however you want.

It’s been favorited already by nearly 500 people, so if you want to hear, “I love it!” or “This is amazing!”, grab this sweater. She’s bound to love it.

Looking for other unique sweaters and shirts? This seller on Etsy has other fun and sassy shirts including:

“Mama Tried”
“Sunday Funday”
“Blame It All On My Roots”

When your friendship is stronger, both of you can go further than you ever thought possible. So, whether you’ve known each other for 5 years or 15 years, this is the perfect way to let her know how special she is for just being herself.


Yes! I want one for my bestie!