What goes around comes around, they say. And that could not be further from the truth when it comes to style. Most fashion trends are recycled looks from decades prior. So it’s no surprise that this hot denim trend is nothing more than a reboot from the 90s with a modern chic twist.

The trend I’m talking about? Colored denim!

Yes, it seems that denim colors such as yellow, pink, burgundy, and brown are making a comeback.  Ranging in fits from voluminous flares to roomy straight legs and ankle-length skinnies, you can easily pull the look off by mixing and matching colors and fabrics. Or, by rocking a solid color.

To get you started, here are some denim combinations you can try. Shoot for pink pastel flare legged jeans with a cream colored crop denim jacket. Be sure to roll up the sleeves on your jacket for a fun sassy look.

Another look you can rock with denim is a combination of red high rise jeans with a basic white shirt tucked in. This look can be pulled by vrtually anyone,Whether you have a flat tummy or not.

For a sleek chic look, go with an aqua jean and pair them with white kitten heels and a polka dot top. Another hot way to wear them is to wear frayed hems instead of fully finished hems. It gives the jeans an edgy look.

Dress head to toe in denim with bold colors such as citrus. Finally, we can’t forget shades such as lavender pink. Wear them as jean pants paired with a classic denim jacket.

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