Just like your shoes, your hair, and makeup, being deliberate about your hat when you do decide to wear one is super crucial to making your look come all together. People often say hats do not work for them, and we daresay you are just not wearing the right one!

A hat can do more than just being a hat. It can accentuate your look and give you that desired lift that takes your outfit from drab to fab in seconds. No, don’t ditch that hat on your next trip out. Here are ways you can choose from your collection what will make your outfit pop!

  1. Busy fabric? Since you have something going on on your clothes and probably with your accessories, you will need to keep your hat as simple as possible to avoid an overkill of colors and concepts.
  2. Tailored look? A pencil skirt will fall beautifully into this category, and a structured hat would work best.
  3. Wearing suits? You can opt for a veiled hat to infuse even more class into your look. In another vein, imagine completing the look with a floppy sun hat? This will introduce a layer of fun to your otherwise serious outfit.
  4. Choose colors that can balance your outfit. This is where most people get it wrong. You need to consider colors that flatter your outfit, not ones that would take away from it.
  5. Wear a hat fit for the shape of your face. Different shaped faces require different hat shapes as well. It is inadvisable to wear high hats or hats with small brims when your face is shaped like a diamond. For people with oval-shaped faces, they can rock about any shape of a hat, but wide crown hats sometimes do not quite hit the spot.

Importantly, do not get a hat off the rack because it looks fabulous. It is essential to test it first before making the purchase. Sweep your hair back and see if the hat would work for your face in the first place and, of course, visualize the outfit you wish to pair it with while at it!