Picture thing: You just spent the whole morning putting together a cute outfit. You changed your pants five times and your shirt three before finding the perfect match. Your belt matches your jewelry, and your bag is a nice touch.

But then you step outside and realize you have to throw on a big, ugly coat over it all.

That’s the problem with dressing cute in the winter- it often gets ruined by a big winter coat. But what if there was a way to dress stylish AND stay warm in the winter? Just because the temperature drops below freezing doesn’t mean you have to forfeit style for warmth. Here are a few ways you can stay warm but look stylish all winter long:


It’s often places like our necks and ears that get neglected during the winter. But that is why turtlenecks will be your best friend. Turtleneck sweaters, turtleneck dresses, turtleneck bodysuits, get everything in a turtleneck form for a cute and comfortable look. They are also great for layering and can be dressed up or down.

Add a pop of color

Look outside, and I can promise you the majority of people will be wearing brown, black, and neutral colored coats. For some reason, there’s an idea that you can’t wear bright colors in the winter, but I’m here to advise you to do otherwise. Adding a bright pop of color to your outfit, whether that’s with a coat, scarf, hat, or shoes, will make any winter outfit that much cuter.

Long coats

Long coats don’t have to be just puffy parkas. Long trench coats and pea coats are not only super trendy and stylish, but they will keep you warm from your shoulders to your legs. Plus, they make any outfit look more sophisticated and polished, making them perfect for a coat to wear to work.

Long socks

If it’s freezing outside, sometimes we need layers under our boots and pants, and that’s where long socks come in. Let a pair of long socks peep over the top of high boots for a cute look that’s going to keep you warm. You can even wear long socks with tights for an extra layer of warmth.

Different textures/patterns

In 2019, there are no rules when it comes to mixing textures and patterns. It’s encouraged in the fashion world. Mixing textures and patterns make a bold outfit, but it also is excellent for staying warm. Wear a plaid wool sweater with a neon silk scarf- you’ll make a statement, but at least you’ll be comfortable.

Tall boots

Boots are one of the best parts about winter, and this season, we’re saying the taller, the better. Tall boots will keep your toes up to your knees warm and look great with just about any outfit. Wearing tall boots with a dress is also a great way to keep a touch of summer into the winter.


When I think of hats, I think of big wool hats that serve no purpose other than keeping our ears warm. And yes, that’s what hats are supposed to do, but why can’t they be cute, too? Invest in stylish hats that still cover your ears, like felt hats or berets. Earmuffs are also an excellent option for a super stylish way to keep your ears warm.


Layers genuinely are the key to staying warm in the winter. When the weather gets freezing, layer on a sweater with a coat, gloves, a scarf, and a hat- just make them all cute. You don’t have to risk your neck and fingers freezing just for the sake of fashion, buy comfortable and stylish scarves and gloves that you won’t want to leave the house without.