So you’ve traveled over to the dark side and are ready to flirt with breaking some supposedly unbreakable fashion rules — you want to wear heels with socks. We applaud your bold taste and are proud to be your guide to keeping fashion fun and experimental.

Don’t listen to your normie roommate — wearing heels with socks is absolutely in. Just look to the fashion goddesses; Rihanna and Beyonce are both fond of slipping socks on under their heels. But what makes this look chic and not shabby? Here are the crucial pointers you’ll need for deciding how to wear heels with socks:

  1. Color Conscious: The color of your socks will make a big difference in pulling off this look. It’s easiest to start out with a single color for your socks and match that color to a part of your outfit. This coordinated color scheme immediately transforms the heels with socks look into a clearly intentional experimental style choice and not the look of someone’s who’s trying on shoes in a dressing room.
  2. Pay Attention to Proportions: The length of your socks compared to your bottoms and type of heel plays a big part in making this look work. An over-the-knee skirt with above-the-ankle socks create a cozy but put together outfit. Conversely, you can create different effects by experimenting with different proportions, such as high socks with a shorter skirt as Ariana Grade is fond of doing.
  3. One Size Does Not Fit All: Consider the style of heel you’re trying to pair socks with. If you’re using clunkier wedges or bulkier heels, you can opt for socks made from a thinner material to create balance and contrast. Similarly, if you’re going with stilettos, a bulkier sock material can create a more interesting look.
  4. Play with Pattern: Once you’re feeling more confident in your ability to wear heels with socks, add in some patterned socks to spice up your look. Whether you go with polka dots or stripes, paring your heels with patterned socks creates a fun and eclectic style that looks runway ready.