Do you ever wish your legs were magically longer? If you weren’t endowed with long legs, don’t fret. There are ways around it! With the right fashion staples and combinations, you can create the illusion of longer legs easily. Adopt this long leg cheat sheet into your fashion routine today!

Style Hack #1 – Ankle Boots
Foot wear can play a big role in creating the illusion of longer legs. Wearing  ankle boots or low-cut footwear will give you the height you need. Avoid shoes that stop at the calf. This will shorten you.

Style Hack #2: Aim High
Grab yourself a pair of high waisted pants or skirts. This look makes it seem as if your waist starts higher than it actually does.

Style Hack #3Short Tops
If you want to avoid the look of a long torso, avoid long tops. Opt for shorter tops, instead. If your torso looks long, your legs usually look shorter. You can also tuck a long top into your pants.

Style Hack #4Cropped Jackets or Blazers
Just like with short tops, short blazers will do the trick as well. Opt for a cropped jacket that creates the illusion of a shorter torso.

Style Hack #5: Asymmetrical Hemlines
Create disruption around the legs with straight, horizontal hemlines. The asymmetrical hemline makes the legs look longer.

Style Hack #6: Rock a Pair of Heels
For ages, high heel shoes have worked wonders for creating the long leg illusion by making you look taller. Throw on a pair of heels and voila` you’ve got Amazon legs!

Style Hack #7: Nude Heels
Another great way to create the illusion of long legs is with a pair of nude shoes. Shoes that blend in with your skin tone creates an uninterrupted line on the leg. This makes them look longer than what they are.

Use these hacks to cheat mother nature and create long legs for yourself.

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