The moment you find out you’re pregnant, it’s easy to stare in the mirror for hours imagining what your changing body will look like. And because every woman’s body is different, there’s no one set answer for how your body will look, how much weight you’ll gain, and at which point you’ll gain it.  Some women only gain weight in their belly. Some women only gain in their hips. Then there are some who gain weight all over. With that being the case, it can be hard to shop for your changing body. Check out these style tips that’ll help you as your beautiful belly grows.

#1 – Only buy when you need to. Unless you’re just gung ho about buying maternity clothes, only buy when you absolutely have to. After all, you’ll only wear maternity pieces for a few months. After that, you probably won’t ever wear them again. Until you absolutely need it, it’s best to wear what’s in your closet as long as possible.

#2 – Sport your skirts and dresses. You’d be surprised at the things you can do with a skirt. Try pulling your skirt over your belly to accentuate it more. You can pair it with a nice blazer. Also there’s the possibility of wearing a nice fitted dress to show off your bump.

#3 – Get a good pair of maternity jeans. You can buy as many maternity jeans as you want, but do your best to buy at least one good pair. They are very comfortable and much more flexible than regular denim.

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