Business as usual but now your boss wants to join in on your video meetings? And they want you to be on video? Uncomfortable, but definitely doable from your bedroom still. While we think it’s a crime to require people to look like they’re in the office while they have to work from home, you can do quick things to spruce your look up without sacrificing the sweatpants.

It’s a little uncomfortable having your entire work team and boss take a virtual tour of your personal space, so keep that video framing nice and tight. Point that video up if you need to, honing in on the wall and ceiling. You’ll still have to be in the video though, so focus on that upper portion of presentability while that toothpaste stain dries on your pants.

Look, at the end of the day, you can be professional without feeling completely uncomfortable in your own space. Reality is, things ARE different, no matter how hard you try to convince everyone your job is same as usual. The best way to do this is establishing a routine you’re comfortable with, not just a routine for the comfort of others.

So, brush your hair, do your skin routine, curl your lashes and put on a smile. Your bottom half isn’t on display so let’s focus on the top. The following pieces will make you look professional while you’re still cozy.

Button-collar pullover sweatshirt

This J.Crew pullover will keep you cozy and looking pretty in a golden color. The button-up side is a nice detail for video conference which elevates your whole look.

Maisa Floral Button-Down Silk Blouse

Bring the button-down shirt up a notch with this silk blouse in a fun color and design. Plus, it’s on sale!

C/MEO COLLECTIVE Artwork Belted Button Down Shirt

This blouse looks beautiful with it’s cinched waist, is super easy to style with practically anything, and will further serve you well when you head back to the office!