Whether you’re new to the wedding scene or a seasoned wedding guest attendee, wedding dress codes can be a bit of a mystery.

Things vary from wedding to wedding, and destination affairs tend to have even more questions surrounding them. So, if you’re confused about what “black tie optional” means and who’s wearing what to a “beachside casual” wedding, read on.

1. White Tie
Get ready for a fancy party! This is a royal affair wedding. Think red carpet and grand places. You’ll want to pull out your diamonds and gorgeous evening wear for this one. Choose subdued and classic silhouettes to keep up with old Hollywood glam vibes. Be dramatic if you’d like.

Choose sparky, embellished pieces, lace, and satin gowns. You want a long hem-line skimming the floor.

2. Black Tie
A little bit less formal than the above, but still high-end. Think high-end gowns and dresses. Pick embellished pieces and choose expensive accessories.

3. Formal/Black Tie Optional
Ladies, you need to go all still out. The optional part is for the gents who may not have the option of wearing a tuxedo.

Think black tie, but you can now opt for a shorter hemline. You can do a little black dress with a string of pearls. This wedding is still a fancy affair, so don’t get lazy here! You want to look glitzy. You can leave the long gown at home.

4. Cocktail/Semi-formal
This is the formal’s younger cousin! These weddings are a bit more casual and lighter in feel. It might be a fun garden wedding and start a little earlier in the day.

You can lighten things up here and choose fun colors and prints. Your accessories and shoes should still be high-end and glitzy.

5. Beach Formal
Feeling a little confused? Combining beach and formal might seem strange, but it just means dress nicer than if you were going for a day on the beach.

You don’t need long gowns or heavy fabrics. Keep things light, but pretty. Think of a more bohemian feel and choose appropriately low heeled shoes!

6. Casual
You have a free rein of cute clothes you feel comfortable in! That means you can opt for coordinating separates, a jumpsuit or a beautiful dress. Feel free to dress it up with accessories and make sure the clothes are neat and wrinkle-free! Casual does not mean sloppy.