February is an interesting time of year for the wardrobe. Nestled right between winter and spring, February is the month where you have to balance everything from colors, so you aren’t dressed to drab and fabrics so you stay warm. Before we get into the full swing of spring and winter’s gone for good, check out these outfits you want to wear this February.

Pair navy and black together: Have you ever heard the myth that you shouldn’t pair black and navy together? Well, ditch it. The two colors together look oh so chic. Whether it’s navy slacks and a black top or vice versa, you simply can’t wrong with this combination.

Put a sweater over a button down: For a slimming, preppy look, layer a crop sweater over a button-down shirt. Colors like white, red and black do the trick.

Add spice to your neutral colors: It’s not uncommon to wear neutral coats in the winter such as camel, black or blue. You can spice up the one tone look with a pop of color either with your scarf, hat, or both.

Matching coat and shoes: Pull your outfit together with minimal effort with matching coats and shoes. Any color will suffice, but if you pair a red coat and red shoes, your outfit will be fiya!

Add a touch of class with a broach on your coat: Broaches aren’t just for your Grandmother. You can pull the look off too by attaching one to your coat. This is perfect for punching up the coat.

Pair a dressy coat with a casual outfit: Since you’re likely going to have to hang that fancy coat up soon for the season, get plenty of wears out of it by pairing it with a casual outfit.

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