Padded headbands gained attention as this season’s charming trend. The year is all about childhood comebacks, and the headband is no exception. We first saw the Duchess of Cambridge rocking this classic style. Her black, velvet padded headband was so thick and tall that it looked like a tiara.

At their Spring-Summer 2019 show last September, Prada showed love for the bold and exaggerated padded headbands. Since then, we saw them all over the red carpets and on street style stars. The best part? They’re available in amazing varieties like lustrous pure satin, leather base, and studs allover. Because its seen such popularity in the celeb world, we have even more variety to choose from as brands release new styles. It’s not just for the preppy stylers out there anymore. This accessory is like owning a tiara and being a princess– a ruler of your own life.

The best thing about this accessory? It works with any outfit! You can wear them with bright-colored tights and pleated skirts. Or try it with a casual t-shirt and a minidress. Headbands are a great way to highlight a color or add color to an outfit, for instance, on a checker or black and white print outfit, wear a dark red padded headband.

Make your bad hair day a good one by wearing a padded headband. Not only will it look chic, but it will make you stand out in a crowd. It keeps your hair back, so there’s no need for hair styling. It also easily hides any hair flaws and instantly makes you look put-together without all the labor of styling with hot tools.

And if you want the padded headband to stand the test of time, opt for a lower height and less padding. This will allow you to keep wearing the headband well into the years to come.