Wei Lin and Mijia Zhang’s contemporary brand PH5 challenges what we know of knitwear, bringing a chic downtown-vibe to a traditionally platitudinous craft. While you may think of knitwear as a winter fabric, conjuring memories of granny’s Christmas sweaters, PH5’s edgy and innovative techniques bring the designs to all seasons.

Wei Lin looked extra excited at this five-year celebration and debut of an eyewear line. Her Spring 2020 lineup included checkered two-piece sets, layered overalls and perfectly fitted dresses with asymmetric hemlines. Most designs followed a geometric pattern, finishing hemlines with a fun step-pattern. It’s all about unexpected subtlety, which is precisely what PH5 set out to do starting with their debut in 2016. Quirky details are the duo’s specialty. While they carry the current season’s trends like plaids and suits well into summer of next year, they also make sure to introduce a new spin that can slowly evolve with the brand’s growth.

We’re so used to colorful fare from this duo, but this season is a bit more toned down with pretty fleshy tones dominating the designs. The best part? The line is more than affordable, making these high-end designs very egalitarian.

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