Shopping for basics can often feel tedious or unrewarding. However, these items are especially important as we wear them the most. By building on a few basic pieces of clothing, you can create amazing outfits. The black sweater is a piece we all have in our closets. These are some tips on styling a plain black sweater.

Black sweater provides us with a great base to work with. As it is a simple piece of clothing, you want to make it more interesting by adding jewelry. Necklaces can make the sweater appear more fashion-forward. Look for the silver necklaces, as silver pairs well with black. You can also layer multiple necklaces to add some dimension to your outfit.

By tucking the sweater into your pants, you will look taller. By adding a belt, you will help create a waistline, and this will help you with the silhouette of your outfit. Instead of wearing a plain black belt, try one with an interesting buckle or look for a belt with a colored strap.

Printed Skirt
You can bring some life and color to your sweater by pairing it with a printed skirt. To make the outfit winter-appropriate choose a maxi skirt and wear tights underneath.

You can make your sweater look preppy, by wearing a shirt underneath it. By pairing the black sweater with a white shirt, you will create a contrast between the two items, which will make the sweater stand out. You can also add a black blazer or coat to complete the look.

Mixture of Textures
Monochromatic looks are very in trend right now. All black outfit can make you look very polished and put together. However, to make the monochromatic look interesting, make sure to include different textures. Explore with leather, tweed, or satin.

Fun Pants
Who says trousers can’t be colorful? Take out the printed or colorful trousers out of the back of your closet and pair them with your black sweater. As a black sweater is a safe option, it is great to pair with the items you don’t very too often.