Cooler days are here and even colder days are coming. Naturally, you’ll be wanting to wear warmer clothing to work. But…dressing warm doesn’t mean looking bulky. If you want to dress comfortable and cozy without looking like a snowman, here are some outfit ideas you can sport at the office that’ll make you look totally fashionable.

Turtleneck with Blazer
Button up collar shirts look great with blazers, but in the winter months you may want something that covers more of your neck. Turtle necks go really well under blazers. If you want to avoid the bulky look, go with a thinner fabric.


Wide-Leg Pants
For a chic look, pair wide-leg pants with a duster. Wide leg pants work really well with boots too.

Fur Chubby
If you work in an office where the air is always on, go for a fur chubby that you can drape over your shoulders.

Summer Jumpsuits
It may seem counterintuitive, but you can wear your summer coordinates in the cold weather too. Just place a turtleneck underneath!

Bright Skirt Suits
Opt for a bright winter skirt suit. Pair with tights and complete the look with a  duster.

Just because it’s cooler outside doesn’t mean you can’t sport your prints. Take a pair of printed pants and style it up with a  blazer or jacket.

Leather Weather
Think leather’s not appropriate for the office? You can totally pull off the look professionally by matching it with a structured blazer or jacket.

Turtleneck Skirt Combo
Put on the outfit combination that never fails – turtleneck, knit skirt and black tights.

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Have any other go-to winter office outfit ideas not on the list? Share your style combos below!