There’s a new fashion trend on the horizon. Just in time for spring, no less. So, if being ahead of the fashion curb is your thing, then you’re going to want to know about this new wave hitting the streets. It’s simple. It can be dressed up or down and it’s perfect for almost any body type. Fishnets. Yes! The new fashion trend taking over the streets are fishnets. Fishnet stockings, fishnet socks, fishnet body suits…you name it. There are several ways you can wear them:

Under a Pair of Jeans: You can wear fishnets under a pair of vintage jeans.


Under Skirts and Dresses with Sneakers: It’s not surprising that fishnets look great with dresses. But, you don’t necessarily see the look done too often with a pair  of sneakers.

As Ankle Socks: If you don’t want to wear an entire fishnet stocking, you can go for fishnet socks. They look great with capris and white sneakers.

With a Pair Of Vans: Who doesn’t love a pair of Vans? Give them an even edgier look by pairing them with a pair of H&M fishnet socks.

With a Pair of Red Pumps: Pair your black net tights with a pair or red pumps and denim for a saucy look.

Under a Halter: You can wear a fishnet jump suit with a halter over it.

Wide vs Micro Holes

There are tons of fishnet looks you can go for. It all depends on your style. When shopping for fishnets be on the look out for the variety of holes. You can get wide holes, which are large and micro holes, which are smaller.

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Image via Instagram/roses_cloud