One beauty of social media is getting inspiration from others. That can be food inspiration, makeup inspiration, or fashion inspiration. Whenever I’m going on a trip and need fashion inspo or want to change up my style, the first place I look is Instagram. The best fashion advice you can get right at your fingertips, so if you need some style inspo, check out these Instagram accounts:

Devon Lee Carlson

Co-founder of Wildflower phone cases alongside her sister (who is just as fashionable), Devon Lee Carlon is the epitome of style. She takes bold to a whole new level with her cute and stylish outfits, and she’s not afraid to be innovative. Check out Devon Lee Carlson’s Instagram for fashion inspiration that will be sure to turn heads.

Danielle Bernstein

Founder of the popular blog We Wore What, Danielle Bernstein has made a name for herself in the fashion world. She shares glimpses of her fabulous life along with tons of cute outfits and fashion advice, so she is definitely an account you’ll want to follow.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im is a perfect fashionista to follow if you want inspiration on a combination of styles- from girly styles to professional clothes, to edgier looks. Jenn Im also started her own fashion line called Eggie, where you can get some of her super cute pieces for yourself.

Barbara Kristoffersen

The queen of monochromatic outfits and Air Force 1’s, Barbara Kristofferson, knows how to style a simple outfit and make it look trendy. Her Instagram is full of cute but practical looks, all of which are paired with a matching purse and shoes.

Keaton Milburn

Besides her YouTube, which features tons of style videos, Keaton Milburn’s Instagram is a great place to go for fashion inspiration. She knows how to style sweatpants and a sweatshirt and make it look cute, so if you’re looking for streetwear looks, head to her Instagram.

Arielle Charnas

Also known as “Something Navy,” Arielle Charnas originally got big from her fashion blog but has now got quite famous in the fashion industry. With over one million Instagram followers, many people flock to her page for fashion and life advice.