In true remembrance of the ’90s, a lot of iconic styles from the time are coming back. Mini skirts, bomber jackets, Doc Martens- and let’s not forget about bucket hats. Bucket hats were huge back then and have made their way back to the trends today.

Bucket hats are an easy and stylish way to dress up any outfit and adds a trendy touch. You can wear a bucket hat with pretty much anything, but here are some of our favorite outfit ideas that a cute bucket hat just goes perfectly with:

Mixed patterned bucket hat + bikini
If you need something to protect your eyes and face from the sun while tanning, why not go for a bucket hat? One of the hottest trends right now is to mix and match patterns, and it looks super cute with a bucket hat.

Bucket hat + sweatpants
Loungewear has become a big trend, and it’s now acceptable to wear sweatpants pretty much anywhere. But if you’re trying to make your loungewear a bit more stylish, throw on a matching bucket hat.

Bucket hat + denim on denim
Because why not mix 2 trends from the ’90s? Denim on denim is definitely a bold outfit choice, but when it’s done right, it makes a statement. Put on a simple colored bucket hat to add another touch.

Bold bucket hat + simple bikini
Wearing a fun bucket hat with a simple outfit might be the easiest way to make you look trendy. We already know how perfect bucket hats are for the beach. If you want your simple bikini to look more stylish, wear a brightly colored or patterned bucket hat with it.

Bucket hat + matching set
Matching sets and monochrome looks are definitely in, so why not make your bucket hat match, too? A matching set is a super-easy way to look like you put way more thought into your outfit than you actually did.

Bucket hat + sundress
My personal favorite way to style a bucket hat is with a girly sundress. You can go for a simple color that matches the dress or bold design and mix patterns- either way, a bucket hat, and sundress go perfectly together.