Let’s get personal. Your dear writer is a writer through and through — she works from home and thus spends most days at home writing to you from her desk. Do you think your dear writer gets dressed up in the morning and even brushes her hair? In her idealized writer’s life, maybe. In real life, your dear writer is a comfort-craver: sweatpants, big sweaters, messy hair, and slides. That’s your dear writer’s daily uniform.

All this is to say one thing — your dear writer knows lounge pants like no other. Lounge pants are her daily uniform; lounge pants are her travel go-to’s for the many trips she must take. Lounge pants are occasionally even her club attire (she’s proud of this one). Consider this list the bible of lounge pants written by the goddess of lounge pants herself, an introverted writer, or more bluntly, a pure homebody.

Forever21 French Terry Set 

Number 1 on this list takes that number 1 spot with ease, particularly because I’m wearing them right now. Forever21’s quality can be hit or miss, but these lounge pants are the triple-platinum world record hit of lounge pants. They are just flow-y and fashion-forward enough to fool people out of seeing lounge pants and into seeing an intentionally lo-fi style. Pair them with some cool sneakers and a fitted crop top, and you’ll be street-style ready and comfortable all the while.

Free People Alia Set

Now let’s talk about the perfect lounge pants for the homebody who wants their lazy days to still be runway-ready. Being a homebody doesn’t mean you have to look like one; these lounge pants from Free People are elegant with a beautiful, draped fit that makes you look less like a homebody and more like a Roman goddess on vacation. Paired with a matching long sleeves crop top, and you’ve got a perfectly put together outfit for the perfect stay-cation at home.

Free People Emery Pant

Another entry on the list of perfect lounge pants from Free People; these lounge pants have the ideal ratio of loose to ruched fabric, creating an eye-pleasing balance. The dusty rose color adds a feminine touch that is happily welcomed on those days we eschew make-up and hairbrushes.

This list of perfect lounge pants for the homebody will make your lazy days at home still feel polished and magazine ready. For those of us who work at home, you can see finding the perfect lounge pants as an investment in your style-forward work uniform.