Just as clothing styles come and go, so do shoes. With the 90s and 2000s coming back in full force, so are the shoe styles from that era. Doc Martens, platform sneakers, and creepers are all the rage. And what’s a better time to embrace old styles than a new decade? These are all the shoe styles you need to introduce to your closet this year.

Sneakers are simply not going anywhere. They had their big break the past two years, and it looks like the trend is continuing into the new decade. And you know what that means- the chunkier, the better. So don’t go throwing away your chunky dad sneakers anytime soon!

Slouchy boots
Super cute with jeans, skirts, or dresses- slouchy boots are in for this winter season. Thick heel or thin, patterned or plain, just find a slouchy boot that works for your style.

Square Toe
Square toe shoes are a trend that always comes and goes, but in 2020 we’re saying it’s a trend that stays. Whether it’s open-toed heels or booties, square toes are definitely IT.

Clear shoes
So pretty much we have to have our toenails in tiptop shape 24/7. Plastic clear heels have been slowly coming in style for a while now, so better invest in a pair now!

Throwback to the ’70s, anyone? Platform sneakers, heels, and basically every shoe are in style, and we’re thankful for the extra height.

Chain details
We’re taking chain details beyond just jewelry and into shoes. Chain details on heels and booties are a subtle way to dress up any outfit and bring a look to a different level.

Kitten heels
Because why do we need to torture ourselves with super high heels? Kitten heels are just as comfortable and just as cute.

Not for everyone, but when it’s done right, bows can be super cute and fun and the perfect way to add a girly touch to an otherwise bland outfit.

Loafers aren’t for everyone, but when it’s paired with the right outfit, it’s a staple shoe. Classy, timeless, and super cute, the right pair of loafers is effortless.

Thin straps
Not always the most comfortable but one of the cutest. Thin, strappy heels are making a comeback right in time for summer.