It’s no secret that fashion styles come and go. Styles that were popular 20 years ago are emerging yet again, and the cycle of fashion continues. And with the start of the new year often comes the beginning of the latest fashion trends. But it also means having to let go of some of the more unfortunate style trends we saw in the past year.

There are some trends we’re continuing into the new year. Then, there are some trends we’re leaving behind. These are some of the styles that we’ve said our goodbyes to for the start of the new decade:

Low rise pants
I mean, who even wanted this trend to begin with? Although low rise pants are a part of the 2000s trend that’s coming back in style, it’s a trend we don’t want to see stick around.

Padded headbands
These started to become popular at the tail end of 2019, but we say we leave it at that. If you’re one of the few people that can actually pull off padded headbands, go for it.

Clear bags
Because why do you want the whole world seeing what you bring out with you? We say we leave clear bags in 2019.

Really tiny sunglasses
Although we do like small sunglasses, sunglasses so small they barely cover your eyes are pointless. In 2020, let’s stick with stylish AND useful sunnies.

Really tiny bags
We feel the same way about tiny bags that we feel about tiny sunglasses. Small bags are cute, but if it’s so small it can only hold a single credit card, what’s the point?

Ruffles is one of those trends that everyone wants to work, but it just never really does. Give it up and leave ruffles in the past.

Too much branding
If you spend a lot of money on your clothes, it makes sense you want to show off the brand. But wearing head to toe of the same brand and showing it off too much and looks obnoxious.

Fuzzy shoes
Fuzzy sandals became very popular in the last few months of 2019, and although they’re cute, where to wear them is confusing. Are they slippers? Are they sandals? Are they supposed to be worn in the hot or the cold? We need answers.