Jewelry offers a great way to elevate your outfits and express your personality. By investing in jewelry pieces that go well with everything, you will get the most use out of them and won’t need to buy trendy pieces.

Loren Stewart 14-karat Gold Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings
These simple yet elegant and sophisticated earrings are a great addition to any outfit containing natural colors. This handmade piece also looks great when stacked with simple studs.

Tiffany & Co. Mini Double Heart Tag Pendant
This simple necklace by Tiffany will complement your outfits without being too intrusive. The classic heart pendant looks excellent even when layered with other necklaces. Additionally, the pink color adds a bit of a twist and makes the necklace look special.

Alighieri The Edge Of The Abyss Gold-Plated Ring
This timeless piece goes well with absolutely everything. The design is minimal, sophisticated, but also has a modern industrial vibe. The textured look gives the ring some dimension and makes it interesting to look at. This piece is perfect if you are looking for something elegant with a personality.

Stone and Strand Golden Ball Cuff
The golden ball cuff looks dainty, yet structured and thanks to its minimal style goes well with all kinds of outfits. It’s ethically sourced and made out of real gold.

Jenny Bird Horseshoe Charm Necklace in Silver
Horseshoe is believed to bring luck. This dainty, elegant necklace is perfect for everyday wear. It also has an adjustable length, so you can wear it the way it fits your style the best.

Simple & Dainty Open Circle Stud Earrings
If you are going for the barely-there look, you will love these earrings. They are very minimal and give the elegant finish to any look.

J & Co. Jewelry Love Knot Ring in Gold
A love knot symbolizes relationships. Therefore, this ring can have a symbolic meaning to you. It also looks great when paired with other gold jewelry.

Calvin Klein Pretty Bracelet
This bracelet by Calvin Klein is made of stainless steel and uses the combination of silver and rose gold, which gives it a unique look. The reduced design makes it perfect as a go-to piece.

Pandora Simple Sparkling Band Ring
This ring is exquisite. The shimmering cubic zirconia stones elevate the classic design of the ring.

Tiffany & Co. Hoop Earrings in 18k Gold
These earrings have a modern take on the classic hoop design. The minimal look makes them timeless and worth the investment.