When it comes to interviews, appearance is everything. The way you dress can positively or negatively influence your employment chances. It can create a misleading impression about you and cost you the career of your dreams. In short, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are many things you can wear to an interview, but none of the following should make your list. Choosing the wrong item sends the message of defiance and could cost you your job prospects.

Flip-flops: This is a definite no, and this cannot be overstressed. Wearing flip-flops to a job interview highlights one’s tardiness and immediately blacklists you to your interviewers.

Sneakers: While this is significantly better than flip-flops, both are still traveling in the same boat. Even though they’re fashionable, sneakers make one seem lazy, amongst other things.

Low-rise pants: This just calls you unprofessional in every language possible. Low-rise pants, tight pants, ripped or distressed pants are a definite no. You will not get the job in them, so don’t bother.

Shorts: You aren’t going to the beach or a poolside, you’re headed to an interview. So, ditch the shorts for some proper pants.

Cartooney pieces: From ties to handkerchiefs, socks to other accessories, try limiting the cartoon characters.

Too much makeup: It’s great to wear makeup to an interview. It accentuates your facial features and makes you look bright. However, too much makeup can have repercussions as one can easily sweat, and it could become tacky and messy.

Jeans: Refrain from wearing jeans to interviews. They just do not work appropriately.

Visible undergarments: Unless it’s a thick cotton camisole that would require a jacket, visible undergarments like boxer briefs, bra straps, or lacy bodices should be properly hidden underneath clothing.

Interviews are important, and your appearance is the first criteria you’ll be judged by. So keep it neat, corporate, decent, and appropriate. Once you look great, the actual interview will be in your favor.