With the rise of minimalism, we were forced to face our unhealthy habits of buying too much unnecessary stuff. A break from shopping can be a great way to use up the things you already know, save up some money, and focus on things that are actually important to you.

Determine the Time Period
The best way to stick to the plan is to set up a specific period in which you will abstain from shopping. Knowing that your break from shopping will end at some point will help you to push through.

Decide What Products Will Be an Exception
Decide which products you will still be able to purchase during your break and write a list. It should include things like food and products you will need the replacements of like hygiene and cleaning products. Once you write these items down, you can only purchase them as a replacement for the product you have already used up.

Avoid Temptation
To make your break from shopping easier, try to avoid temptation. Don’t go window shopping and avoid looking through ads on social media. It is still going to be hard, but it gets easier over time.

Write Down Your Motivation
Write down what your motivation is. Whether it is the lack of space for more products or the wish to save up some money, you should ask yourself why you are starting this journey and what do you expect to gain from it. That way, when you are thinking about quitting, you can read what your initial motivation was.

Get the Most Out of the Things You Own
The clothes or products you already own may seem inferior to shiny new things, but you will be surprised by how much they can give you if you give them a chance. Try to incorporate the clothes you already own in new outfits. Find different ways to wear them. Try to find different uses for the products you have. Getting the most out of things you own will make you less likely to want to go shopping for new items.

Practice Gratitude
Gratitude can help you avoid shopping. Take time out of each day to practice gratitude. Take this time to acknowledge the important things in your life, and remember why you started this journey.