You either love airport fashion or hate it- there’s no in-between. Some people think if you wear anything other than sweatpants and a hoodie to the airport, you’re crazy. But other people see the airport as another opportunity to wear a cute outfit and dress up.

Maybe you’re headed off to a party the minute you land, or perhaps you are a fan of airport fashion. I like to wear something in between, something that says, “I put effort into this outfit, but not too much effort.” Regardless of your opinions on airport fashion, these are your flying essentials so you can fly in style:

A matching luggage set

In 2020, we’re matching our airport outfits to our matching luggage sets. Luxury luggage brands with matching sets have made a name for themselves, with Away Travel and Shay Mitchell’s luggage brand, Beis. Because what else says “I have my life together” other than a matching luggage set? From checked bags to cosmetic bags, you can match your whole collection.

Comfy loungewear

Comfortable and stylish loungewear was a fashion hit the past year, which is perfect for airport fashion. Stylish sweatpants, hoodies, and t-shirts now make a stylish fit that you can fly for hours in. It’s always best to pick an outfit with layers, as airplane temperatures tend to vary.

Cute shoes that you can quickly get off

I don’t know about you, but I always take my shoes off during a flight, especially a long trip. But with having to get up to go to the bathroom, it’s key to wear a cute pair of shoes that you can easily slip on and off. Go for a comfy pair of slides or slip-on sneakers that match your outfit and come on and off easily.

Stylish carry on

If you’re checking in your bag, your carry on might be a small duffle bag or purse. I always like to bring a small and stylish backpack with me when I travel, just to keep flight essentials in. Wearing a cute and quality backpack will make your outfit look like you put a lot of effort into it when, in reality, all you did was throw all your things in a bag.

Matching travel accessories

If you’re a skilled traveler, you know the essentials you need to fly: neck pillow, eye mask, passport holder, headphones, the list goes on. But if you’re really trying to bring your airport style up a notch, make all your travel essentials match. When things match, it’s just natural you feel more put together. And when is a better time to feel like we have our lives together than when we’re traveling?