Would you describe your style as chic, bold, trendy or classy? Do you gravitate to something simple and black, or are you a fearless neon babe? Whatever your style forte is, it may have a lot to do with when you were born. Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your style this summer:

Aries Girl: You tend to be hip to the hottest trends and fashions. This summer you will shine in the color red and bright colors that pack a punch. Don’t forget the daring accessories.

Taurus Girl: Others envy your cool, calm, collective style. This summer you’ll look effortlessly put together in blue, earth tones and neutrals.

Gemini Girl: You are unpredictable when it comes to style. You use the power of your imagination to switch things up making it always fun. Your colors this summer are orange, yellow and magenta.

Cancer Girl: Your classic style speaks for itself. You’d much rather throw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a simple white tee. Your reigning colors are pastels, white and silver.

Leo Girl: You are the definition of chic and are used to turning heads. Your summer style lies in dramatic colors such as red, gold and black.

Virgo Girl: You love your embellishments and unique touches. Your colors are earth tones, black and white.

Libra Girl: You are always yourself and your closet reflects that. You make everything uniquely your own and look amazing in a mixture of classics. Your star colors are pink, blue and white.

Scorpio Girl: If anyone wants to know your mood, all they have to do is look at what you’re wearing. You stand out in plum and other deep hues.

Sagittarius Girl: You are a mystery and you know it. You look amazing in purple, peach, white or beige.

Capricorn Girl: Your style is all about wearing really great pieces. You will rock indigo and green well this summer.

Aquarius Girl: Your style reflects your optimistic outlook on life. Colors that will compliment you this summer include bright blue, violet and turquoise.

Pisces Girl: Simplicity is key for you. Complimentary colors for you are soft pink, lavender and light blue.

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