Tag: Cosmetic Procedures

Tummy Tucks

The procedure with the most superlatives: The most involved, the most physical benefit and the most risky!

Volume Control

Research shows that as we age lips begin to thin and droop. But do we have to grin and bear it?

Plastic Surgery Disasters

From Botox to boob jobs: How to determine if your doctor is above board-before you go under the knife.

Sucking Fat

New fat-zapping technology is all abuzz. But is the traditional liposuction technique still more effective?

Southern Comfort

Is vaginal rejuvenation the new nose job? The practice is booming and women say it gives them sexual confidence. Here's what's up, down there.

New Innovations from Cosmetic Boot Camp

I'm excited to report on the latest non- and minimally-invasive procedures for sweaty armpits, excess fat and wrinkles.

The Science of a Perfect Manicure: How to Score a Perfect...

Perfect nails require more than just the "it" color of the season. First, you need a good canvas-smooth, healthy, and strong. Our experts explain how to nail your next mani.

Home Cosmetic Surgery (Yes, It Exists!)

Scary as it sounds, home surgey options are available. Here's why you should say far, far away.

Cosmetic Surgery: The Thriving and Dying Procedures

The media is shouting that chin implants are on the rise. But are they, really?

Return to Dallas

Has it really been 32 years since we asked, “Who Shot JR?” For those of us old enough to remember Friday nights spend at...