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H&M Is Launching Over 700 Beauty Products

H&M, everyone's favorite spot for cheap, quick fashion, just announced a full-range beauty collection including over 700 products, including makeup, haircare, body care, and beauty tools.Refinery 29...
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8 Ways To Green Up Your Beauty Routine for Earth Day

April 22 marks Earth Day's 45th anniversary. The traditional gift to mark a 45th anniversary is sapphire, which while lovely, is not as thematically appropriate...

How To Use Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup (Even Waterproof Mascara!)

Coconut oil works better and it smells like a tropical vacation!

Go Green For St. Patrick’s Day With These Natural Beauty Products

These days, it sometimes seems impossible to avoid chemicals and unnatural elements in not only our food, but also our beauty products. Fortunately, that’s...