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Here’s the Cutest Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial from Jin Soon

It's not every day we come across an Easter nail tutorial that's acceptable to wear longer than one day.

Easy Halloween Nail Tutorial: Spookily Adorable Skulls

Skulls never looked so cute.

Flower Nail Art That Works for Every Season (Tutorial)

Valerie Fischel"Are those nail stickers—or did someone actually paint that?!" is probably the biggest sign of a nail art job well done. And even...

Geometric Fall Nail Art You Can Do Yourself

Jin Soon Choi is no stranger to creating trends. The manicurist‘s Instagram reads like a Who’s Who of Fashion, snapped behind the scenes at...

Try This Super-Easy Holiday Nail Art

Nail artist Kimmie Kyees shows a DIY nail art trick that's easy but looks fancy.