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5 Best Sex Positions to Practically Guarantee an Orgasm

When it comes to orgasms, even if you’ve got a few tried and true moves that bring you to climax, experimentation can open up...

5 Reasons Why Your Crotch Itches

No one likes to talk about it, but at one point or another, you'll likely experience an itchy or irritated nether region. Find out what's triggering that vaginal itch and how to stop it.

6 Celebrities Talk About Vaginas

Celebrities are often understandably tight-lipped about their personal lives. But apparently, talking about their vaginas isn’t off limits!Find out which stars are truly in...

5 Sex Positions That Boost Emotional Intimacy

No matter how hot your sex life is, there’s one thing that every couple could use more of in the bedroom: romance. Building on...
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Ask a Scientist: Why Do Guys Love Women’s Butts?

The Scientist: Viren Swami, Ph.D., YouBeauty Attraction Expert and Reader in Psychology at the University of Westminster in London, England.The Answer: They stare, they...

Great Moments in Vagina History

Journey with us as we travel back in time through the varied, harried, hairy and sometimes scary history of that womanliest of parts, the...

What’s Your Vagina Supposed to Smell Like?

Find out what influences your scent, what's normal, what's not-and how to keep your lady bits clean.
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Do Your Labia Look Normal?

With the proliferation of porn showcasing "perfect-looking" vulvas and the popularity of Brazilian waxing, many women have uncovered more insecurity than skin-and are left wondering how their labia measure up.

Menopause: Great Sex Doesn’t End Here

In fact, menopause may make sex better!