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Sleeping Too Long Might Actually Be Bad for You

Maybe you shouldn't sleep half the day away on Sunday after all.

She Had a Stroke at 27-And Her Doctors Didn’t Notice

27-year-old Caroline Miller knew something was terribly wrong. But nobody believed her. She's telling her story to spur young women to trust their instincts and advocate for their health.

News Analysis: Eating to Forget

The 'Stroke Belt' diet may make you lose your mind.

Set Your Mind on Stroke Recovery

Recovering from a stroke takes determination, strength and emotional support.

Exercise to Rebuild Your Mind

Get moving to speed up recovery from a stroke.

Fuel Your Recovery from Stroke

A healthy diet is crucial for a speedy recovery. Learn what to eat to nourish your brain and heart.


A healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive mind-set can speed up your recovery.