Best-Dressed Celebrities for Their Body Shape

Best-Dressed Celebrities for Their Body Shape

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True, most women we see hitting celebrity red carpets are so thin they practically disappear when they turn sideways to pose for the cameras.

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But, believe us, there are still plenty of stars out there with body types the rest of us can identify with, and, whether they’re curvy or lithe, petite or plus-size, athletic or triangle-shaped, they know how to dress to flatter their figures.

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Of course, they often have professional help. So, we turned to two celebrity stylists, Elle Werlin, who has worked with Jessica Szohr, Emma Stone, Jane Krakowski, Mary Louise Parker and Beyonce, to name a few, and Lindsay Albanese, who has dressed stars including Maria Menounos, Paula Abdul and Fran Drescher and styled for TV shows such as “American Idol,” “Access Hollywood” and “Today,” for advice on dressing for your body shape.

As they say, real women have curves—some are just more pronounced than others—but with these tips from the pros, you’ll be working your shape like the hottest red carpet divas. So, go ahead and smile and strike a red carpet pose in your living room. Because you don’t actually have to be a big time star to dress like one.