Sex differences in the effects of physical training on sweat gland responses during a graded exercise

The Researchers: T. Ichinose-Kuwahara et al.

Published In: Experimental Physiology, Vol. 95(10), pp.1026–32, 2010


Men sweat, women glow.


It’s no secret that guys sweat (a lot), but any woman knows that we do, too.

To study this sex difference, Japanese researchers compared the sweat responses of women and men during exercise, at different levels of intensity. The more physically trained the subjects were, the more “efficient” their sweat rate (meaning, they started sweating sooner and more easily).

The sex difference? As exercise intensity increased, physically trained men improved their sweat rate much better than trained females. And untrained females needed to work out harder and reach a higher body temp to sweat as much as their male counterparts.

Turns out the old adage is true: Men sweat, women glow.  

Beauty connection

Sure, it’s not so hot to be a sweaty mess, but perspiration has plusses in the long run. Sweating keeps us cool, so you can exercise longer. It’s possible that women sweat less to prevent dehydration—we have less fluid in our bodies. When powering through a long workout, stay hydrated with water or a diluted sports drink (half a cup every 20 minutes).

After your workout, snack on watermelon or orange slices. The sugars will give you a quick blood sugar boost, and the high water content will help to rehydrate you (while the vitamin C keeps your skin pretty!).  

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