Have Better Sex

Boost body chemistry and your love life with these simple tips for better sex.

Have Better Sex

Try Tantric
The goal of tantric sex stems from the desire and ability to have more of a physical and spiritual connection to your partner. The essence of the practice is mindfulness. Being deeply aware of yourself, your partner, your life and the “sacred life force.” These tips can help you maximize your sexual experience and bring you to a deeper emotional level.

  • Change your mind-set. Take responsibility for your own sexual satisfaction. Be open to discuss sex with your partner, and explore your own body so your partner can help you.
  • Have fun challenges. Practice Kegel exercises during the day, or try locating your G-spot if you haven’t.
  • Be softer. Slow things down. You don’t have to be in a rush to get to bed or finish up. Carve some time out to have a marathon lovemaking session. The final goal isn’t necessarily the orgasm, but the journey itself.

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Improve Your Sex Life

Play To Your Partner’s Strengths
One way to increase intimacy is to lock eyes during sex, and hold the gaze. It increases oxytocin. Try to increase spontaneity by “meeting up for lunch,” or leaving the lights on.

Go Crazy
Doing novel things with another person stimulates dopamine—the feel-good chemical that’s elevated when you’re in love. That’s why river rafting or sneaking into the supply closet make a fun first date or interaction. A man tends to find his partner more attractive during a daring date. Remember to make special new adventures more common, the longer you’re together.

Mix It Up
Men reportedly have orgasms in 95 percent of sexual encounters, while women, only 69 percent. Women are more likely to have an orgasm by mixing it up among manual, oral and genital stimulation. Oral sex definitely increases a woman’s chance of having an orgasm.


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