While work can be a source of pleasure and pride, it literally makes some people sick! A third of the illnesses that people develop come from work-related stress. So while you’re stressing about missing a tight deadline, remember that this worry can end up sending you on a six-week sick vacation.

These stats may sound a little extreme, but let’s walk through how your work may be causing you chronic stress. If you identify with any of the situations below, chances are you are feeling the negative effects of stress—and feeling less beautiful about it!

Here are the work factors that may be affecting your chronic stress:

  • Boring and repetitive tasks
  • Low level of control
  • Annoying coworkers, or lack of friends at the workplace
  • Low level of job security
  • Night shifts and rotating shifts
  • Loud noise exposure

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To recap our stress lesson, the difference between the acute and chronic stressors at work comes back to your relationship to the workplace. When you’re feeling low control and high demand at work, you’re vulnerable to major stress damage.The acute stress of a project may be a pain at the time. However, in the long run you will feel fulfilled by meeting your demands with a helpful little jolt from your nervous system. Bottom line: Acute stressors are fine. But if your work sets high expectations you can’t meet, this persistent, chronic stress, is not!